WIC Welcomes Military Families!

The American Red Cross WIC Program is proud to serve our local military families. Many military families are eligible to receive WIC services but do know know it.

Please complete the contact us form or call us today to see if you qualify!

Military Income Qualifications

Please refer to our Who Qualifies page to view current Income Guidelines. The USDA requires WIC to assess certain Pays and Allowances, in addition to Basic Pay, when calculating income. WIC does not include BAH. Please see which pays and allowances WIC assesses.


WIC Transfers
If you are required by the military to move within the United States, you are still eligible for WIC. You can have your information transferred to a WIC office in another state. This will allow you to stay on the program.

WIC Overseas
If you are enrolled in WIC stateside, you may continue your participation if you are transferred overseas. Please call the local WIC Overseas office to make the arrangements. WIC is available in Germany, Korea, The Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Cuba, Spain, Turkey, Iceland, and London.

WIC Locations on Base

Naval Base San Diego (32nd St.) / (dry side; uphill from commissary)
3005 Corbina Alley, Bldg. 265
San Diego, CA 92136

Camp Pendleton
Pass & ID Card Bldg., #130132
(Vandegrift & 14th St.)
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Camp Pendleton
San Onofre Transition
Readiness & Career Ctr.
Bldg. 51919
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Marine Corps Air Station

Chapel - Bldg. 5632
45549 Bauer St.
Miramar, CA 92145

Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Library, Bldg. 7 West
3800 Chosin Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140

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