Farmers’ Markets

Enjoy Fresh Fruits & Veggies

WIC families with a pregnant or postpartum woman and/or children ages 6 months – 5 years will receive $20 worth of checks to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs at WIC-certified Farmers’ Markets in California from July through November. California operates the largest WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program in the nation.

Please Note: We’re all out of our farmers market checks for 2017. Please check back again next year during the summer. If you still haven’t used your checks, you have until November 30, 2017 to do so.


How does the Farmers Market Nutrition Program Work?
  • Each check is worth $5.00.
  • Farmers cannot give change back to you. If your purchase is less than $5.00, the farmer may add more fruits and vegetables to your purchase. If your purchase is more than $5.00, then you will have to pay the difference.
  • The last date to use the checks is November 30.
  • Checks cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Handle your checks safely as if they were cash.
  • Lost or stolen checks will not be replaced. Please report lost or stolen checks to your WIC agency.
  • Damaged checks or checks without serial numbers will not be accepted.
  • Farmers may accept cash or Food Stamps EBT to cover the amount over the check value.
  • Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks cannot be used at grocery stores.
When can I pick up my Farmers Market checks?

We’re all out of our farmers market checks for 2017. Please check back with us again next year!




Where can I pick up my Farmers’ Market Checks?

Please check back with us again next year to find out where we will be handing out our farmers market checks.

What CAN I buy with the Farmers' Market checks?

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut edible herbs (Organic is allowed)!



What Can I NOT buy with the Farmers' Market Checks?

Honey, nuts, flowers, baked goods, processed foods, dried fruits, plants, or meat/fish.



Are the Farmers’ Market checks additional to the monthly WIC checks?

Yes, the Farmers’ Market checks are additional $5 checks that add up to a total of $20 per family, per year.



Where can I use my Farmers’ Market Checks?

Click here for a complete list of WIC authorized Farmers’ Markets in California.



Can I pick up my checks and use them at a different Farmers’ Market location?

Yes, you can use your Farmers’ Market checks at any WIC certified Farmers’ Markets.


How to Cook with Your Farmers’ Market Foods

Ever wonder what to do with some of those fun foods from the Farmers’ Markets? Check out these websites where you can select a fruit or veggie and get a recipe!


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